What Is RSS?
Short URL: http://bit.ly/ebco9w

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way of getting the latest information delivered to you, instead of you spending precious time seeking it out. If you'd like to receive constant updates about that subject, just click on that topic listed below under Available RSS Feeds. If you have an RSS Reader (a viewing window where your latest RSS feeds are displayed), copy & paste the URL into your reader and you're done. If you don't have a reader, below is a list of quick, free, easy-to-install programs. Just click on one of these to get set up, then follow the above steps to get your RSS feeds.

Available RSS Feeds:

Team Trec Land Rover News: http://www.teamtrec.com/rss_news.php

Team Trec Events: http://www.teamtrec.com/rss_events.php

Team Trec VideoCast: http://blip.tv/teamtrec/rss/itunes/

Examples of RSS Readers:

Once you've set up one of these newsreaders, you can cut and paste your URLS of choice into your reader to subscribe to their RSS feed.


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